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Save Your Marriage: What You Need to Know but Were Afraid to Ask

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save-your-marriageWhat Both Men and Women Need to Know About Saving a Marriage …and..How This Information Will Solve Almost All Marriage Problems.




Unless you are a yoga master or a trained martial artist, what will happen if you try to balance yourself on one foot? For few seconds you might very well pull it off, but after few seconds or minutes, you begin to wobble. And you try your best to balance yourself, but at some point you will put your other foot down to find your proper balance. Marriage is the same way – you need to find the right balance and trying to save your marriage without the proper know how is risky.


Every marriage is just like any relationship.  They have their ups and downs, agreements and disagreements and good days and bad days.  When you put two people from different backgrounds with different ideas, feelings and expectations together, you simply can’t expect everything to be wonderful all of the time!


While some marriages have very serious problems that can only be solved by intense focus and even therapy, most marriages simply become ‘stale’ or uninteresting – due to the lack of proper attention.

What the Experts Won’t Tell You About How to Save Your Marriage?saving-a-marrige

It is important to reflect on exactly what is causing any conflict or uneasiness in a marriage before acting on it.  In great many marriages, the excitement and ‘take my breath away’ feelings are fading or they are even gone.  It doesn’t mean that the love is gone. But these are indicators or warning signs that puts you in the red zone bringing you into realization that your marriage is in trouble and you need to take action in order for you to save your marriage.


Love sometimes needs a little stimulation in order to revisit and maintain the feelings we all crave and yearn for.  That stimulation is called ‘romance.’


If that romance is gone, then how can you expect to save your marriage? You need to analyze as to why the lack of romance. What were or are the triggers that lead to the loss of intimacy between you two that finally strained your marriage.


When you trace your path to the root cause, you have a clear idea of what is missing and now you have a goal to work on saving your marriage. If you dismiss everything else, but focus on injecting romance and passion back into your marriage – then you are guaranteed to revitalize your marriage and the rest will fall in place. In other words, if you need to save your marriage, then it is critical to pin-point the root cause of your marriage trouble and work at it. If you fail to recognize the root cause and work on something that is off-tangent then you will be just wasting your time.


Many people mistake a marriage that seems to be ordinary or unexceptional as lacking love.  It simply isn’t the case!  Most marriages do not lack love, but they do lack romance!  Love is easy and peaceful, while romance is what makes a relationship hot and arousing.


Refer to => Save Your Marriage: How to Repair a Relationship – for more detailed – laser focused tips and advice.


save-your-marriageThink You Can’t Save Your Marriage? Think Again…


Every single person on earth in any type of relationship desires passion and romance in his or her life.  Unfortunately, there are a few things about romance most people don’t understand.  The most common problem in creating romance in a relationship is that people simply don’t know how to do it!


Other times, people are fixed in cultural classifications and their partners are unable to appreciate them for their own special and unique qualities.  Ultimately, some people have simply given up on their search for romance which eventually leads to the loss and carelessness within one’s marriage.


In a time where everything is convenient and available almost at the touch of a button, the effort of romance seems as if it takes a good deal of effort.  It is very possible to take some old-fashioned romantic ideas and make them work in a modern world while maintaining the genuine intention behind each thought and act.

Save My Marriage

Romance today can be filled with unique ideas, creativity and passion.  Romance is simply the way you express your love for another person.  It is vital to keeping love fresh, exciting and alive.  Without romance, love can become tiresome and even worse – which eventually leads to a strained relationship.


For most people when something don’t work they tend to take the easiest way out. If you own a gadget that don’t work for some reason, your most obvious reaction is to replace your non-working gadget with a new one. Unfortunately, that replacing attitude has become the norm within marriages as well. If your marriage don’t work, then your next option is to opt for divorce.


But what guarantee do you have for yourself that your second choice will work to your expectations? Weren’t you just as sure about your first decision? If it is something within you that you need to fix before venturing out on a new adventure then it is almost certain that history will repeat itself and in your journey you will be at cross roads once again asking yourself “how do I save my marriage, yet again?”


A Quick Way to Save Your Marriage


The expression of love through romance keeps it alive, fun and worthwhile.  Romance is only true, though, when carried out with no ulterior motives.  The only reason romance should be initiated is in an attempt to show love and appreciation.  Romance with true intentions is when you want to show your partner that you are thinking about them and they matter enough to make the effort to bring your love to life through action.


Romance is more like an artistic creation as opposed to an exact science.  Those who tend to feel competitive in almost everything they do will need to check that attitude at the door when initiating romance.


Love and romance should not be considered a contest that should be outdone time and again.  It should be considered a cooperative activity.  While love and romance take two in order to work, you can be extremely romantic while still keeping your individuality.  Love and romance make perfect partners and can make you and your partner ‘perfect’ companions as well!


Saving your marriage doesn’t have to be tough. It can be done with the right attitude and with a personification of love, romance and intimacy. But if say to yourself “I do not love him/her anymore?” – Then you need to dig deep within yourself to find out the real answer.


If the love is lost then who is to blame. There’s got to be a reason as to why the passion, love and romance is lost. Why then did you marry in the first place? Of course your feelings matter – but after analyzing all odds and you still find it hard to bring back the romance then you need to really re-consider whether saving your marriage is really worth it. But you need to also ask yourself – will this loss of passion be repeated if you are to make a life changing decision.


Final words of advice. When it comes to saving your marriage, you need to take action. If you keep pondering on all the troubles and issues that you are currently faced within your marriage and you fail to take the necessary steps to address your marital situation than there is no hope for you to save your marriage. However, if your marriage, is something that you need to work on and truly believe in it then no matter what the circumstances you can really save your marriage. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. If you believe in something, regardless of what others think, just do it. In the end the only person that matters is you.


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