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Rules For A Happy Marriage

By on September 6, 2014 in Advice, Marriage, Tips
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Rules for a Happy Marriage“Marriage is not a ritual or an end. It is a long , intricate, intimate dance together and nothing matters more than your own sense of balance and your choice of partner.” —- Amy Bloom

Norman and Samantha are celebrating their 9th wedding anniversary. The previous nine years cannot be called married bliss in ecstasy even if they were madly in love with each other. As with any other couples, they’ve had their share of struggles and trials.

But Norman and Samantha’s major issue is that they’re extreme opposites. There are things that get into the nerves of each other and they both end up raising their voices at each other as if they were at the opera house – the only difference is their voices are far from musical benevolence. This pattern of erratic behavior had resulted in a great amount of tension and stress. Many have told them to work on their communication skills if they are serious about keeping their marriage intact.

Like Norman and Samantha, tens of thousands of couples struggle with communication or is faced with a communication dilemma. In marriage, communication is key and the way we effectively communicate can greatly effect the outcome or reflect the status of our marriage. It defines how we relate to our kids and to our partners. Poor communication is most likely to drag a marriage to the brim of absolute failure.

Long-lasting marriages are usually defined by open, positive, and supporting communication between woman and her man. Learning how to properly identify relationship dilemmas that has to be worked on is a crucial communication factor that no married person can afford not to have.

Rules for a Happy Marriage:

There are numerous methods to communicate with your spouse. Below are some useful communication suggestions that you can apply and improve – on the way you get to communicate effectively with your spouse. Of-course! you do not have to be a Shakespearean graduate nor do you need to posses the ability of a news-broadcaster. All you need to do is learn and know how to effectively turn on your spouse’s mindset to better understand you.

– No one marriage is the same. But the basic principles that bonds a marriage together is always the same. Now what if, your marriage does not abide by the norms. Perhaps, your spouse is way different than most. Or your spouse’s communication skill is as good as the “flint-stones” or your spouse has the understanding of a 3 year old. No matter what the cause or reason is, you should know that there is always a way to take hold of your relationship reigns.

– Now what if you had your hands and mind busily wrapped around in learning very specific strategies that you can implement where you subconsciously make your spouse listen to you – no matter what. That’s right – you heard me right – Right Now with this one-of-a-kind invisible formula you can have your spouse obey your every command – even during normal conversations – without their knowledge.

But  of course! This is not something that will make your spouse into a robot, or a killing machine or a chore-centered working magician. In the normal realms from communication perspective – if you need to effectively improve your communication within your marriage – then you should definitely have a look at this.

Methods of Communication:

    •  The Discussion Kind: Having a discussion allows you time to see each other’s point of view a a lot better. You must learn how to talk and listen attentively, clarify issues, and acknowledge each other’s thoughts and feelings.
    •  The Confrontational Sort: As the worst form of communicating, if it could be called communication after-all, is confrontational. This typically includes shouting matches in the heat of an argument.
    •  The Non-Confrontational: You ignore your mistakes, do nothing, and choose to be quiet about an issue in your marriage. It is a sort of “non-communicating” that does not lead to the resolution of a dilemma.

Forms of Conflict Resolution

Couples should try, learn and practice conflict resolution techniques. Marriage cannot live if issues are not discussed and worked out fully. It’s essential for couples to know more about the ways people approach a marriage conflict.

1. The Avoid-ant Type: This kind avoids all hot issues or topics and actually cause a problem to get worse. Couples who avoid conflict usually value each other’s private space and tend to reside in a placid manner with no intense fire. However, the way couples avoid discussing dilemmas can sometimes complicate their problems.

2. The Validating Kind: This entails considering all points of view affirming one another’s feelings, and coming to an amicable settlement. Couples who maintain this form of communication see each other as buddies as well as worth the collaborative nature of their relationship rather than their egocentric aspirations.

3. The Volatile Type: When couples do not listen to the point of view of each other but attempt to convince each other that he or she is right – have the perfect concoction needed for separation or divorce. When couples see each other as equals and respect each other’s individuality and freedom, they are able discuss constructively and freely – without resorting to heated discussions and “volatile” activities.

Strategies for a Successful Marriage:

It is essential for couples to understand that their marriage’s success depends a lot on great communication and also the ability to speak as partners. These hints are simple yet can do a lot to make a marriage last:

— Being affectionate
— Being genuinely concerned and showing how much you care
— Surprising your spouse with spontaneous gifts when there is no occasion
— Being able to appreciate and considerate
— Having a healthy sense of humor
— Sharing the delight of each other

To keep a marriage healthy, couples must share their interests and try and explore new things together. They also have to learn to accept the weaknesses and views of each other’s even if they do not agree. Really, marriage is an issue of give and take. Whether it’s having an argument or making a marriage work, it does take – ” two to tango.”

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