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Life – Living The Dream !!

By on September 4, 2014 in Random Thoughts, Thoughts on Life
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Its Just LifeBefore I begin penning down my words and before you begin to read any further I would like to kindly request of you to have an open mind. Clear all skepticism from your mind and ease your mind of any defensive thoughts. This is a random thought – an opinion so to speak – from my own perspective. It is possible that you might agree with my view points or you might not which is totally fine.

But before you say, criticize or do leave – just have the patience to hear to my random thought – the thought of LIFE.

And With No Further Ado – I Begin…

As the lone rusty clock (modeled after big Ben )– (in a worn out town), – strikes 11 PM, amidst a rainy night – with thunderous roar and lightening,  that is sure to sent jitters down your spine, – two lone souls stands atop the hill – barefooted – overlooking the city. As they face the city, each with a bag of cloths hanging from a rod that is poised on their shoulders, they face each other with teary eyes and withered lips. They could hardly lift their bruised – cracked – worn out feet – But they must carry on walking…

For the time has come, destiny came knocking on their doors  and now each must go on his way. It’s time to choose –  and as they turn their backs to the city, which they so lovingly grew up in, all they could see in front of them was an unpaved road – filled with pebbles – and sharp stones. But with the thunderous roar of the lightning sky all they could see was a narrow path ahead – with the help of the lightning they could determine their next step – but what they don’t know is what their next step will land them on – a sharp stone – a pebble – a thorn – a scorpion or a cobra.

Scared – terrified and trembling they shook hands. Took a deep breath and once and for all looked high up to the thundering skies – only to pray for strength that they didn’t have – for they are about to embark on a journey they know nothing of.

What is in store? Where will I end up? How will I travel? How will the travel be? And when can I see you my loving friend? These questions kept racing through their minds like there is no tomorrow. For their journey begins now.. One small step at a time… and they whispered “Time I have none to rest.. Time I have none to waste… Play I shall once I reach my destiny… Until then – miles and miles to go before I sleep”

Life in and of itself is a journey. From the time we breathe our first till the time we breathe our last – we embark on a complicated journey that is filled with emotions, success, failures, resentments and lessons learned. Have you ever wondered why your life is the way it is? At some point during your life, you must have definitely raised this question to yourself – “Why does this keep happening to me?”

Certain events in our life unravels like there is no tomorrow. When it rains it pours.

We have no control of our birth, our choice of parents, the society, the culture we are born into, the religion etc. But what we do have control over is over destiny. We decide on the path of life we embark on based on choices that we make and based on how we decide to live our life out.

For some the choice come easy, but for others the choices are dependent on their circumstances. But the key here is that there is a choice that has to be made. When we are born we are born with a clean slate and as we progress we learn and adapt. Our body is so advanced that certain aspects of ourselves unfolds naturally,  such as learning how to walk, talk, sit, eat, laugh and cry. But for the rest we tend to copy our parents or the care-takers and try and imitate them from an early stage – and so the journey begins – as we adapt.

Life begins from infancy -> toddler -> child ->  teenager -> young adult -> adult -> and finally old age. But what’s fascinating is that when humans reach old age they tend to show many characteristics of a child the only difference is that they are now much wiser and have reached the final staging are of life.

The period of our life from infancy to a young adult – our paths are directed. We are taught and told what it is that we must and must not do. We learn the universal laws that enable us to live in this world. The rules we learn from our parents, teachers and elders. During this stage of life, we learn about many things – history – geography – science – mathematics – philosophy – psychology – communication skills etc. But no amount of learning in this world would teach us on how to tackle life.

Once we enter adulthood, we prepare to face life, equipped with the knowledge that we learned hoping to make a better life than our parents.  All the learning that we did made us to focus in choosing a career that would define the financial support we will need to carry on our life. Note – the point here is career. What we learned or studied enabled us to decide on what it is that we need to choose for a career.

So then the big question is.. why the disparity? The division between rich and poor?  The financial struggle? The struggle that many of us go through just to live through the day? We all heard it again and again – the rich keeps getting more rich and the poor even poorer.

Now this is a subject of discussion on its own. There are many examples in our world today of individuals achieving great amount of success without having the liberty or chance for a well-rounded education. For many of such caliber it’s their own living circumstances that helped them make the decision to achieve something in life- to be successful – to be someone. They got to a point where they linked their past experience with pain and suffering something so terrible that they associated massive amount of pain.  We all desire pleasure over pain. So when pain comes into play we do what ever it is necessary to avoid or find ways to turn pain into pleasure.

Which brings me to the point of choice, yet again. Being in poverty or wealthy is not something that is set-in stone when we are born. No one is destined to be poor or rich. These statuses are the result of our previous action. If one decides to make a better life financially – then it is only a matter of decision – despite of the circumstances that one grew up in. We make the decision in having an achievable goal in life and start working to wards the goal one small step at a time.

Then yet again, most humans tend to blame their circumstances for why their life is the way it is. Many play the victim game so as to gain solace in the fact that it is not of their wrong-doing but the result of someone else’s mishap that created their unfortunate life. But how could that be – if you can decide on what to wear (would you let your mother or father choose your cloths), what to eat, where to sleep, whom to sleep with, where to travel and what to do – then why do we victimize ourselves when it comes to financial independence? A thought that has baffled me many times over…

So is life all about finances. No. Life is not just about money. It’s about balance. A balance in every aspect that when played together in sweet harmony – brings together a desiring life of happiness and satisfaction. But there are intrinsic aspects of life –  at all stages, that falls into a disparity or challenging mode. This is where a key decision takes shape that determines your way of life – whether it be fulfilling or be melancholy.

What are your thoughts?

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