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How to Save Your Marriage? The UNTOLD Secret

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How to Save Your Marriage

Marriage is the most sacred coveted union between two individuals whose eyes behold each other with love and empathy. Merriam-Webster defines the term marriage as – the state of being united to a person of the opposite sex as husband or wife in a consensual and contractual relationship recognized by law”.

Saving Your Marriage Takes Time But Doable…

That being said, life is never a bed of roses, but instead a road at-times narrow, at-times wide – filled with surprises and  disappointments that we travel on. But there are no problems without a solid solution. A married life is a tricky one where the act of balances plays a critical role – you will need to learn to adjust, forget and find ways to keep the passion flowing. But in many cases this passion dies triggering a chain of marital issues – which then can lead one to ask the question how can I save my marriage from imminent disaster?

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Life in and of itself is never easy journey. People who think otherwise is in for a big surprise because life throws at us curve balls, sometime at amazing speeds, that takes you on by surprise such that by the time you blink – you are out. You might even be dazed so as to figure out how you got yourself into a position – where you ask yourself “how can I save my marriage?” or “What do I need to do to out of this rut and save my marriage?”

Have you ever encountered a situation where everything in your life was going rather smoothly to an extend where you were bold enough to state that my life is pretty darn good, then out of no-where you do something completely stupid, something unexpected which results in a catastrophic effect with respect to your job, relationships and money? Then you begin telling yourself – “I just cannot believe I did that. Now look where that got me into

So therefore would you agree if you were told that life is all about choices? The choices that you make has a direct impact on your life. We make choices every single day. But to what extend are these choices conscious?

In other words, are you really in control of the choices that you make or do you unconsciously go about your day with your choices on autopilot. Whatever the choice you make or ponder upon – be it, in regards to your career, health, wealth and relationships – your choices will have a direct compounded effect. So instead of asking “How to Save My Marriage?” – You might want to reconsider asking yourself – “What do I need to do or who should I become in order to save my marriage?”

This might be the hardest truth to swallow. But the reality is your marriage has reached a plateau, due to the inherent choices you made at various intervals. Perhaps you ignored small aspects or forgot to complement your spouse:

  • how your significant other present themselves to you at various times
  • how your wife eagerly went about on a crazy shopping spree just to get your favorite silky gown, only for you to ignore her
  • the way they dress, do their hair
  • the way they made your favorite dinner
  • the affection they showed when you accomplished a major milestone in your life
  • … and many other small aspects..So when you tend to ignore such small actions then in the long run chances are high that your marriage is going to get stale and you end up at a point where you ask yourself – how did this happen? or I never imagined in a million years that my marriage would have ended up like this?

Regardless of external entities or factors that might deter you off course, if you consciously choose to make the right choices, that is in align with your innermost desires, it is certain that your life will take a turn for the better.

How to save your marriage?

Back to the main focus of this article on how you can save your marriage….

If you rewind your clock back to the time when you first saw your significant other, you will bring back with you, all the elevated sensations that ignited your passion for each other the moment you locked your eyes. Somehow, you knew then and there that you are staring into the eyes of a loved one that you want to spend the rest of your life with – a choice you most consciously made without any external pressures – devoid of any cultural barricades.

Fast forward to the present, you wake up one morning or several mornings wondering how in the hell did your married life become the way it is and how you ended up asking yourself time and again – how to save your marriage? . You never even imagined in a million years that your marriage will be in shackles or at the brink of a heated, nasty or even an amicable divorce. You keep pondering over the reasons as to why your marriage isn’t working or what went wrong – at times – searching for the passion – the igniting fuel – that was the basis of your once thriving relationship.

What can you do to bring back the passion in your marriage that you so inherently desire?

Rewind your clock back to your science class at high school or even your entry level college science course. Can you recall Newton’s 1st law of motion? This law states that “…an object in rest continues to stay at rest while an object in motion continues to stay in motion” – in layman terms – if you want your marriage to work than you must work at your marriage.

If you choose to not take any action in working toward the betterment of your marriage and rather complain or keep pondering over what has happened that made your marriage fail – then there is no hope for you. You might as well pack your bags, keep a pen in handy and see yourself seated at the lawyer’s office ready to sign your divorce papers – in the process building yourself with unwanted pressures that will inadvertently spiral your life out-of-control.

If there is only one-thing that you need to learn on how to save your marriage from the brink of extinction, then let it be this –

 …if you keep a positive attitude and sincerely work towards getting your marriage back on track – then it is almost certain, just as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, that you have the ability to save your marriage with such certainty that your significant other will drool upon you with relentless passion that will leave you breathless.

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