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How To Save a Marriage in Less Than 60 Days

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Featured - How To Save a Marriage in Less Than 60 Days3 Ingenious Pillars Revealed on How to Save a Marriage. And What the Experts Will NEVER Tell You.

Look there is no easy way to say this.

So, just simply put – Marriage takes work and when it comes to saving a marriage – extreme care must be taken at all costs so that emotions are kept under control.

Walking down the red carpet – glistened with your favorite roses – lilies and the like, where all eyes are glued on your mesmerizing – drop down dead – gorgeousness, as you look straight ahead at your significant other, never taking your eyes off, – your heart pumping – your heart racing, skipping beats.

Every step you take you know you are one closer to your dream life.

Finally – the moment has come when you take out your vows – to inject the passion of reasoning of your desired marriage – locking your eyes with each other – promising to love and cherish one another – ‘in sickness and health – till death do us apart’ – you then exchange your rings.

That was your reality back then. Fast forward to this day and your perfect dream marriage that you had so eagerly hoped for is about to be ripped into shreds – as if your marriage is at the verge of meeting the sharpened blades of an industry style meat grinder or your marriage is about to be ejected from a flight at 0.5 MACH speed at 35000 ft with no parachute.

Are You Feeling the Need to Save Your Marriage is as Vital as You Want to Breathe?

How in the world’s end did my marriage meet such a damned fate? – have this question ever crossed your mind. Or at least at some point you said to yourself… “Enough is enough – this is not the marriage I envisioned and I’m going to save my marriage now!!”, but you are not sure on how to save your marriage by using practical steps – then read on…

So you became an information sucking fanatic, frantically trying to sponge on mindless information on how to save your marriage – effectively and implement measureable steps to make your marriage last a lifetime.

How to Save a Marriage

Where did that get you? Perhaps you found your answer and your marriage is on the path to self-recovery, if that’s the case – kudos to you my friend. But what if you find yourself among the rarest few, that no matter what information you seem to indulge upon – you never seem to hit the right spot with the right information?

In layman’s terms you were anxiously looking for gold but all you could find was an ore, which had to be mined again and again, until you realized the ore was full of lead with gold particles.

Okay. So what’s my point here?

You see no matter what, where or whom you approach – if you do not have access to the right information that give you a nudge in the right direction then your efforts will be fruitless in trying to figure out how to save your marriage. Therefore what you are presented with below are some closely held secrets that if applied – will save your marriage and get your marriage back to where it needs to be.

What If Your Tomorrow Will Never Be the Same as Yesterday Anymore? — Interested to Learn More…?

How to Save Your Marriage –  3 Pillars For You to Lay the Foundation and Start the Fire in Your Marriage That Will Engulf Your Significant Other With Relentless, Committed and Undivided Passion.

Implement the below steps, and you will be amazed at the compounded effect these actions will have on your marriage in as little as 60 days. But consistency is key. You will have keep at it continuously without break, everyday – with persistence and with a grid-iron determination that you will not settle until your marriage is turned around for the better. So then saving a marriage isn’t that much of a deal, as you might think, unless you know what  to do. When you apply the below said techniques in the right manner you’ll be amazed at the results.

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Pillar #1: Journal

That’s right a journal. Before you spurt out .. “Are you kidding me? You want me to keep a journal? How can I save my marriage with a journal? Why in the world would I do that?”  – hear me out.

You see life is all about appreciation and gratitude. If you cannot come into terms in appreciating what life has to offer, be it good or bad – then you might as well stop reading this and get back to your life as it is or soon will be.

No one can guarantee that life will always be good without any disappointments. You are going to run into walls that you will have to climb and overcome if you want to make your life better regardless of what it is that you want in life and saving your marriage is no exception – PERIOD.

And in order to save your marriage you MUST be willing to take action and work at it – this cannot be emphasized enough.

How Often Do You Find Yourself Saying: “I Wish I Knew How To Save My Marriage”?

The magnificent journal (follow these steps):
  1. Get yourself a new journal
  2. Take 5 mins each and every day to jot down the most appreciating fact that you observed about your significant other that day. Make sure to date each page and to start each day on a new page. Jot down anything about your significant other that interest you. This could be anything as to:
    • How he/she went about in doing their hair
    • How they prepared the dinner
    • Dressed up for a night out
    • Says thankyou
    • Working out to keep in shape
    • … anything and every thing that you notice are in tune with your desire. Even if it is just one thing that you notice – jot it down

No matter, is simple. Try and focus on the positive aspect of your significant other. There’s got to be something you still love and appreciate about your spouse otherwise you never have gotten married.

  1. Be sure to jot down your points daily. Never miss a day.

Once you begin journal-ling, you will be amazed on how your affection towards your significant other improves greatly. You’ll begin to appreciate them for who they are and you will start to fall in love all over again since now you begin to focus on their good aspects.

Do this for 30 to 60 days.

Or do it until there is an auspicious occasion such as a birthday, thanksgiving or Christmas. Then on that special occasion hand over your journal that you have so diligently put together – just for your significant other. Emotions will fly and what you will experience is something beyond incredible that words are few to describe.


Save Your Marriage

Pillar #2: Communication

When it comes to marriage communication is key. Why? Because if you do not communicate effectively then chances are your marriage is going to run to the ground for good and you can kiss your married life goodbye. Even if you were to restart a new re-married life you will still experience the same issues as your previous one – due to the lack of effective communication.

How to effectively communicate and save your marriage from an imminent disaster?

#1: Date Night:

Set aside a day and time of the week (recommend day is Friday) as your date night. No matter what circumstances you face or what you have going on when that day hits, at the time you have set aside an alarm should go off on both your smart phones – indicating that start of your date night. Then commit to your date night. Pick a place, passion or thing to do that you both are equally interested in and go about doing that. Even if it is just a dinner out, DO IT.

As you consistently go about doing this you will notice a change in attitude, as you will begin to express your feelings to each other thereby laying the foundation to re-kindle your passion.

#2: FD (Family Day):

Make sure you set aside one day (recommended day is Saturday) as your family day. You will use this day to spend with family and kids as a whole, doing things that you love. Whatever it may be make sure you involve yourself actively in your family life.

#3: RR (Relationship Review):

On Sunday night, make sure to sit down and discuss with your partner and iron out your relationship do’s and don’ts. Ask one another, to rate on a scale of 1 to 10 – 1 being least satisfied, 10 being exceptional, what it is about the week that they appreciated about each other? Open yourself up to suggestions and be honest in expressing your feelings. Then based on your review for the week work on aspects that you need to improve for your relationship the following week.

Do this consistently and you will be glorified in your married life. GUARANTEED!!!

Pillar #3: Surprises.. Surprises!!

How to Save Your MarriageThe power of I love you.

Recall the moment to which you both locked into each other eyes and read your marital vows – the reasons why you got together in the first place. And then remember the time with many eyes fixed on you as a newlywed couple you gave the most passionate kiss that solidified your marriage.

So now when was the last time you repeated that VOW which reignited the WOW!!

Make sure to surprise your significant other at a moment they least expect. Send them flowers at their work with their most favorite type of flower bunch along with an ‘I Love You Card’. Wake up each day and look at your spouse to make sure you say ‘I Love You’.

Make sure that you find ways to say ‘I Love You’ each day – every day at least 10 times at different intervals.

Do these things consistently and persistently and you can be guaranteed that your marriage will take a u-turn and ready itself on the launching pad which will begin the countdown to a re-invigorated launch that will thrust your marriage to heights of passion that you have never even imagined. You will finally reap the rewards of all your hard efforts that you so caringly put forth to save your marriage.

Wishing you a healthy married life and all the best in your endeavor to save your marriage – quickly, effectively and with renewed vigor!!!

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