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How to Fix a Relationship: The #1 Factor to Critically Consider

By on September 1, 2014 in Advice, Relationships
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Love, it is the greatest give of God. Anyone capable of loving must be proud of himself or herself, because not everyone feels it. Love really is an explainable feeling. You go beyond your standard behavior when you feel your heart pumping for someone special. Nothing is heavenly in this earth when two couple submit themselves with the glory of love relationship.

Relationship is a connection between two existing people bonded by love. It is the so-called commitment to love. It is an agreement of two parties both feeling in love with each other.

Sadly, relationship may come to a phase where both parties might feel cheated, confused or unloved. Of course, relationship always have it downfall. It does not run smooth at all times. You might have a mixed up thoughts on how you can strengthen love, how to fix a relationship or make your relationship work and overcome challenges of relationships. You may be at a point in your life where you are wondering if your relationship can still be saved.

Well, there is always Cupid after all….. 🙂

But the question still remains – how to fix a relationship? And what is that #1 Factor.. the missing link so to speak…

And the survey says…


This cannot be stressed enough. The primary cause of all relationship problems stem from poor communication. So when you do not communicate with your significant other how do you expect to resolve your relationship conflicts? Asking yourself time and again on how to fix a relationship without taking the proper action is like standing next to a swimming pool in your swim suit but never actually wanting to jump right in.

If you do not take the necessary action then you will never know the outcome. As per Sir Issac Newton – “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction”. Therefore, an action must be taken in order to produce a counter-active force which will guarantee you a result.

When it comes to effective communication in your relationship here are 4 steps that you need to act upon:

  • Consider making an actual appointment between the two of you.  Avoid any and all distractions. Set aside a time devoid of any interruptions and make sure the time you set aside for each other is used wisely.
  • Now if your relationship has taken a hit to the point where you can’t communicate without raising your voices then consider setting a meeting at a public place such as the mall food court, a book store, a library, park, restaurant or a tavern.
  •  Setup some rules. Try not to interrupt until your partner is through talking and allow your partner sufficient time to talk. If necessary have a pen and paper handy and write down the key points that arises during these talks. Avoid blaming and authoritative phrases such as .. “You always.. You Never… You caused.. You should..”
  •  And last but certainly not the least… Listen to what your partner or spouse have to say. Don’t doodle around, bite your nails, keep looking at your watch, or yawn. Use your body language effectively and in a genuine manner. Nod in a manner where the other person gets the feeling that what he/she is trying to say is actually getting through.

The above four steps are just to get you started on your communication. It’s up to you to take action. How bad to you want to fix your relationship? You need to have a sense of urgency, a conclusive determination to fix your marriage at all costs.

If you keep being negative on yourself and cannot pull yourself on the above action steps then I’m afraid fixing your relationship is out of the question. But if you truthfully take action and effectively communicate your feelings you’ll be surprised at the outcome.

Now, the ball is in your court. Will you hit it over the net and ace it or will you keep worrying on how to handle the ball. Just pick it up and smash it. Take the first step.

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