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Life is a never-ending journey. The road is narrow and often times we face challenging  situations that tests our will and our ability to fight against all odds that life throws at us. But in this journey when the going gets tough most of us become miserable and throw in the towel only to give into the pressure. We as humans have our own ‘comfort-zone’ that most us abide in. We fringe at the thought of having to step out of this comfort-zone, as we are not sure what awaits beyond this zone.

However, more often than not, should there be a lending hand from someone who has gone through a similar situation that we face – then we readily accept to step out of our comfort-zone and into the unknown but with a solid know-how that there is someone that we can always look up to when the going gets tough.

Marriage is one such complicated aspect of life. Certain unwanted situation arises that puts our married life in jeopardy threatening the very existence of our core – over powering our mental thoughts and jeopardizing everything in our life that we have worked so hard to attain. And when such situation arises we immediately seek all the help we can find to fix and patch things up.

This is where comes into play.

What to Expect?

We dedicate ourselves in providing you with the know-hows, the tips, techniques and the very best resources unlike anything on the net today. Our focus is to partake with you and help you in building your relationship one step at a time, to mend – rekindle – rejuvenate – and  bring back the excitement and joy of marriage.

If you’ve ever asked yourself any of the following questions, you’re at the right place.

 “How do I save my marriage?”

“How to save my marriage from divorce?”

“Why did my marriage become the way it is?”

“What can I do to bring back the love and passion within our marriage?”

“How can I make my marriage live again?”

“Can or will my marriage survive this ordeal?”

“Am I truly in love with this marriage or am I really wanting out?”

“How can I improve my marriage?”

“What can I do to turn my marriage around?”

“The burning – million dollar – question – Can I save this marriage alone?”


Save Your Marriage
When you have a problem, or when you are faced with a difficult situation, your greatest asset is someone with the right knowledge, someone who is knowledgeable enough to give you the nudge in the right direction, while being able to understand your situation and steer you accordingly. We strive to be your GPS – in that – we constantly focus on providing you with quality-rich, time tested and proven formulas by real couples who has been through a rocky marriage but have managed to ultimately turn it around for the better.

What better way to take hold of the reigns and take control of your marriage life with us, than countless hours of counselling at the hands of a professional – whose eyes constantly glare towards the clock hands – only eager enough to fatten their wallet rather than empathize and feel your pain by providing you with guidance effective enough for your money’s worth? You have at your disposal, not a wallet sucking professional, but a resource that is entirely dedicated to bringing you world-class guidance on effective, happy and joyful marriage – based on real life experiences from couples who have survived the marriage turbulence.

About My-Marriage is founded and brought to life by Linda McKinzie. Apart from being a full time mom and a dedicated IT professional, she loves to network, make new friends and above all, strive towards helping all those who are in need.

Being from a dysfunctional family, Linda is very much aware of the disastrous toll an ineffective marriage can have – especially when it comes to kids. With constant fighting, disrespect, verbal and physical abuse – a child can get emotionally scared for life. However, Linda was able to get out in time and save her life for the better before she herself felt the power of her parent’s ineffective marriage being her reality.

After finding her true love – and then almost loosing everything and facing divorce right in the face, Linda took a stance to get her marriage fixed and took a vow to, never ever, have a life of her parents. With much resilience, patience and aptitude, Linda was able to turn her life around and now she enjoys the exact same married life that she dreams about.

Now, she has made it her mission to pass along her new found joy to similar couples who are facing the marriage hurdles and really want their marriage to work or be saved for the better.