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4 Easy Secrets to a Happy Marriage – Even For A NASA Scientist

By on November 8, 2015 in Advice, How To's, Marriage
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Happy/Lasting Marriage. Is it Real?

Marriage is not rocket science. Sure, the American space program is now defunct but that shouldn’t mean your marriage has to. You still have the launching pad at your disposal to skyrocket your marriage to heights of success and happiness that you keenly desire. What’s missing are 4 key success points – that if you take care to apply to your marriage then there is no force of gravity that is strong enough to pull your marriage apart. For by then you would have crossed the stratosphere of happiness and you find yourself enjoying the company of your soulmate – whom you otherwise thought to be your married nemesis.

And Now With No Further Ado And No More Giddy in the Lilly – Presenting You The 4 Closely Held Secrets to a Lasting Marriage (Some Might Consider These More Precious Than The Closely Guarded Kohinoor Diamond by the British)


Keys To A Happy/Lasting Marriage

Lasting Marriage: Make Your Marriage Stand the Test of Time That Will Baffle Even Stephen Hawking

Anything in life is only as tough as you imagine it to be. The mind is the most greatest asset of a human being. What the mind conceives and believe it achieves. So if you really want your marriage to work or you really want to have a long lasting happy marriage, from the deep bottom of your heart, then rest assured, no matter the circumstances – people – thing – or places you will get your wish.

Now just by constant sub-conscious repetition of a statement such as, “I’m now enjoying a happy and lasting marriage” will not magically solve your marriage problem or give you the happy/lasting marriage you deserve. So instead you have to work at it constantly, putting in the extra effort so you can fix what is broken and make sure your marriage does not go down in history as the next “Challenger” disaster.

Lasting Marriage

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