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Relationship Advice for Women: 9 Ways To Seduce Your Husband

By on September 6, 2014 in For Women, Marriage, Seduction
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Relationship Advice for WomenWhen you are married for few years, a couple’s life will be far more of a routine. Consequently, to be able to keep the spark flowing within the relationship, you need to think of the ways to keep the fire burning and to keep things exciting and fascinating. This is where seduction comes in; seduction is considered an artwork that women need to learn. Seduction is an excellent way to keep your man hooked to you and into the relationship as well. Despite your busy schedule, you have to keep in mind your relationship also deserves amorous and romantic focus.

Relationship Advice for Women:

When you enter the world of marriage, you both have the responsibility to keep the love and also the marriage life alive through continuous communication and trying new things. Nevertheless, for most couples, seduction is the trick to keep the relationship burning.

Here are 9 ways on how best to seduce your husband.

1. Looking for your best: The majority of the guys focus on the looks, that’s their nature. If you’re a plain housewife, you should use extra effort to keep your figure, since your attention revolves around kids and your husband maybe, helping their day-to-day needs, chances are you are putting less effort in taking good care of yourself. You need to remember that your husband is a visual creature which suggests that he covets what he sees, hence, you have to break the routine. Examples for this include putting make up, wearing sexy clothes and painting your nails.

2. Be attentive and give additional focus: Constant communication is critical in keeping a marriage alive and running smoothly. Having a meaningful chitchat between the couple is significant in establishing a mood for love. Women need to be constantly aware that by simply asking about the happenings in your husband’s work life, will have a large impact in his feelings towards you. Why? ’cause when you genuinely care about his work and how it makes him feel, he will feel wanted, appreciated and knowing that you care about him will make his heart melt.

3. Cooking up a surprise, a new dish? Just imagine the look on your husband’s face as he comes back from work to a home – filled with mouth-watering aroma that you have taken special care to prepare exclusively for him. The chances are that he’ll be surprised so mush so that he will come running to the kitchen to see what you have in store for him and put his arms around your waist and thank you with a sweet kiss. Now, if you plan on bringing out the sexual beast in him then take care not to cook up a heavy meal – but something light or aphrodisiac in nature.

4. Send teasing signals for a hot sex: Since men like the idea of looking ahead, it is best to inform or advise your guy in advance regarding your plans of having intimate time. Using this method, your husband can prepare for your strategies and certainly will become excited for your intimate session. He will feel the impulse of going home early and it’s going to condition his mind for the lovemaking session. Additionally, you can send him flirty SMS to keep him excited and confirm his mood for the primary occasion.

5. Wearing something alluring even when at home: As what’s been mentioned earlier that guys in nature are visual creatures, thus, you have to impress your husband through wearing sexy clothes. For example, when your husband eventually arrives home, greet him in the sweetest manner while wearing a tube or backless blouse. You have to be somewhat creative to get your husband’s focus, just like when you are cooking for dinner, you can wear apron with skimpy underwear underneath.

6. Revealing something that would sweep him off his feet: Surprising your husband with your newly acquired skills or watching video that you believe is sexy is a great notion.

7. Pamper him over the weekend: Do so with a foot or back massage, breakfast in bed or volunteer while in the shower, to scrub your hubby. Guys love the sensation of being pampered. It’s possible for you to give your hubby a sensuous massage while playing a music that is relaxing.

8. Dare with filthy talking: This is considered as one of the great ways in seducing men because they adore dirty talks. Express your dirtiest desires in bed or just whisper something spicy over dinner.

9. Having “quickie” before he’s off to work: Pull on his tie and zip down his pants while declaring you need him bad – right now!

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